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Facebook: download your information

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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For what ever reason that might be, say you want to deactivate your facebook account for good but still want to keep those photos & videos & comments & etc.. then you may want to download everything that you have posted before on Facebook, to your computer. Facebook has this service, "Download Your Information. Get a copy of the data you've put on Facebook". And here's how ...

1. Mula-mula, go to your Account Settings.
2. At the Download Your Information, click learn more.
Facebook will ask for your password, for security purpose.
3. Enter your Facebook password.
4. And then hit Continue.

Facebook akan inform that your archive will be generated and the link will be sent via email. After a while, you will get the email with the link.
Check your email and open the "Your download is ready" mail.
5. Click the link.
The link will load into your web browser.
6. Click Download Now. It may take some time depending on the file size and your internet connection speed. In my case, the file to be downloaded was 284 megabytes.
7. After download completed, you will get the .zip file. As for me, I got Extract it using any of your favorite archiver program (WinZip or Winrar or 7zip or anything).
8. Go to extracted folder, run the index.html file. It will load on your web browser.
Voila! Your Facebook data has been backed up to your computer. Cheers!