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check your mailboxes!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

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For those who did respond to our request for address, may it via facebook or e-mail, our wedding invitation card should be soon reaching your mailbox. Sile la hadir & bawak hadiah besar² ye ;P

invitation card

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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dlm bz2 sal keje kt jmti, sempat gak aku blik las weekend tuk buat invitation card ngn Mr Fiance...heeee....ikot kale tema k! so kawan2, kad da ditempah...but maybe lmbt ckit siap...sabar eh!!! korg plan siap2 1 mei 2010 g kajang eh!!! nanti kad menyusul...hehe....nk alamat korg!!!

E-day Preparation

Sunday, February 7, 2010

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After get approval from both parents, maka,
mission prepare 4 E-day started!!! hehe...;)

Mule2 the ring...yeaahhh!!!
Kami yg xpnh getting engage ni xtau should have a ring for engage or 2 rings for risik n engage.... sye sgt ske cincin belah rotan..hehe...
so, we decide to get 2 rings!!!

This is it!! it!!!

nex, shopping brg2 len...
kitorg da shoping kasut,handbag,wallet,perfume...but,
moms ckp tuk tunang xya kasik brg2 tu sume...huhu...

Last2, Mr Fiance blik ganu tuk bli Telekung, Samping (or Sampin??), Sejadah..hehe..

Then, we go to Jalan TAR to get kain 4 bju nikah...hehe...atas nasihat my kakak,kitorg bli shifon silk (xtau eja) siap skali ngn lining n kain tuk bju melayu...heee...xde gmbr lak...;)

Then order cakes n cupcakes!! Since Mr Fiance ske ngt ngn Liverpool, kitorg order la Liverpool cake n cupcakes tuk doorgift.

Ni la design cake n cupcakes tu...weee!!!!

Setel la psl hantaran...
Then, my mum ask us to made simple invitation card...hehe...
Mr Fiance pon design in colour, print itam pute suda...;p

Mmmm...what else 4 tunang eh...that it kot serba ckit our preparation...hehe...
Lastly, i ltk picture duk plih bakul...huuu...
lunch je g tgk brg2 ni la...jgn mara eh bos....hahahahha....