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Nuffnang - Buffered earning

Monday, June 27, 2011

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Wah! This is the first time our blog got Buffered Earnings from Nuffnang!
What is Buffered Earnings?
Aku pon tak jelas what it is all about, tapi Nuffnang stated it as "Buffered earnings are earnings for metered campaigns that are currently running on your blog. These will be added to your total earnings after the campaign ends".

Sekefahaman aku, for metered campaign ads (CPM) ni, bloggers akan dapat income dari Nuffnang based on readers. Kalau macam ads yang biasa kitorang dapat which is CPC (Cost Per Click) means setiap kali visitor blog click ads Nuffnang kat dalam blog kitorang ni, baru lah kitorang akan dapat income based on per clicks that visitors buat.

Kalau yang metered campaign nih, kalau tak silap pemahaman aku, katalah advertiser akan bayar RM10 untuk setiap 100 unique visitors yang datang kat blog kitorang, baru lah kitorang earn that amount. Kalau tak silap la.. betul ke pemahaman aku ini? ;D