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MCMC | SKMM block file-sharing websites

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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They have instructed Malaysian Internet service providers to block these popular file sharing websites such as the pirate bay, megaupload, megavideo, filefront, etc. Well.. apa yang diorang buat hanya lah blocking on their DNS sahaja. Bukan nya blocking secara fizikal kepada those websites. Agak mission impossible to do that!

What DNS do? They only translate domain names into IP addresses.

Users could only bypass their blocking ni by changing the DNS setting dari apa yang local providers bagi such as TM DNS (,, DiGi DNS (,, etc kepada other international free public DNS yang ada di serata dunia ni.

Users boleh tukar network interface setting kepada menggunakan Google DNS (, or OpenDNS (, or any other free public DNS. Just google for it dude!
But why they do not block megaporn instead? Sigh!

p/s: only if they managed to block all other free public international DNS ip kat dalam Malaysia ni baru lah diorang boleh fully succeed in blocking users this way. and I won't be held responsible if readers out there might use this info to overcome the blocking, since there's plenty about this has been posted all over the net. You don't need to be a hardcore geek to do this!