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Facebook: optimizing your privacy settings

Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Lately, aku noticed that makin ramai yang re-create facebook accounts diorang, due to maybe yang dalam friend list diorang, ada orang-orang yang tak disukai. Nak 'unfriend' nanti takut diorang perasan ke or mintak re-add ke or whatever reason lah. Bila dah create new account, maka rugi la those lama2 tagged photos and everything and need re-tagging and all. So... senang saja. Just HIDE them! And here's how ...

1. Mula-mula, kita groupkan those yang korang tak suka tuh. At your main facebook page, pergi ke Friends.
2. Click the Manage Friend List.

3. Then you should create a new friend list for them by clicking + Create a List.
4. Give the list a name, macam aku guna dalam contoh ni, LESS INFO.

Korang boleh select those 'friends' yang nak dimasukkan dalam list ini. Korang boleh continue adding them later, but for now AT LEAST ONE friend needed untuk dipilih, baru boleh create list.
5. Then click Create List.

So now, those unwanted friends sudah dihimpunkan dalam satu friend list. Now, to utilize the friend list and facebook privacy setting.
6. Go to Account > Privacy Settings.

7. Click the Customize settings.

8. Contoh sekarang aku nak hidekan group ni dari dapat tengok wall aku, so aku setkan ini untuk Posts by me.

9. Taipkan nama friend list tadi ke dalam Hide this from.
10. Don't forget to Save Setting.

Korang boleh repeat the same above process untuk Family, Relationships, Interested in, etc. etc.

11. Now, let's preview how those people dalam friend list tadi would see our facebook profile.

12. Taipkan nama salah sorang yang telah dimasukkan dalam friend list tadi (friend list: LESS INFO)

Now they can't see my wall already. Cheers!

These steps pon boleh guna untuk limitkan people yang boleh nampak your phone number, just dekat step number 8, 'make this visible to, these people' pilih friend list yang berkenaan.