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Stage 1: Most difficult..;p

Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Most difficult??? introduce to parents.

B4 dat, everyday, My mum favourite question:

"Bilenye hang nk kawen ni na...kawan2 hang sume da kawen...."

Then, i will answer:
"xdak soklan len ke???huhu..."

n till one day,
"Mak, kawan na nk dtg ni...nk jmpe mak ngn abah..."

On 16th December 2009, come to the most difficult stage...huhu..
Mr Fiance dtg to meet my parents!!!

Dua2 nervous mcm nk tercabot jantung..but everything going so well...Thanks parents!!!!

Then we prepared for the E-day!!!!

note: eyta, emi...pnjm gmba kawen korg...hihi...