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the ice-breaker

Sunday, February 7, 2010

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well.. it's not easy on how to get to know her in the first place. aku time tuh dah ketandusan idea dah camne nak tegur. segala skills (when I was younger, biasa cam senang2 je nak tegur a girl rite?just go there and say hi. ;P ) dah mcm ilang je.

but with her, aku rasa la dalam berbulan jugak la duk fikir how to, until one fine day managed to add her facebook. Tapi demi utk mengaburi mata pihak lawan, aku terpaksa add beberapa org lagi dari department aku. he he he...

dah add facebook account pon, still tak tau camne nak mula.. until one day aku perasaan, there's one mutual friend; is my close friend's wife.

so it's all started from there...

p/s: Thanx Ima kerana jadik 'bahan' ;P