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Long week.

Friday, February 26, 2010

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It's been a very long week...too many things to think n a decision to be made!!!n today, bnyk bende da setel...thanks so much to my Bos (i will always call him Bos) Mr WZA, for his kindness...hanya Tuhan mampu balas! n for Sapura officemates, sorry for not telling early sbb last day br confirm everything...thanks to Fer, Azuri, Syamsul n Khairi for the dinner! i will miss all Sapura frens..Really! Thanks n sorry for all...
Today, still xtau jwpn akan keje kt mane...huh! lotih!
But, suda tekad, where ever it is, i will try my best!!! nex week, we will back to our wedding preparation..hehe...n Sapura frens, prepare adiah besar tau!!! hehe...;)