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Celcom: Dear customer, Mobile Internet will be BLOCKED after 100% usage

Monday, September 17, 2012

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Celcom: Dear customer, starting 01/10/12 Mobile Internet will be BLOCKED when reached 100% monthly data allocation. To continue surfing with Celcom, send BROADBAND VOL to 22188. I received that SMS from Celcom an hour ago. Ada je cara diorang nak tambah duit kan? Tahi. Sebagai pengguna Celcom with 1GB data plan, secara kebiasaannya sebelum ni, pabila data usage dah been fully utilised, Celcom akan slowkan connection speed, tapi lepas ni mulai 1 Oktober 2012, diorang terus nak block pengunaan dah. Freiken! Kalau nak guna lagi kena la purchase more data, ekonomi makin teruk ni tade nye la nak tambah cost bil telefon.

Mari tengok other telcos dari Celcom, how they deal with users exceeding their data usage quotas.

Digi said "Each Mobile Internet Plan comes with a fair usage quota. DiGi reserves its sole and absolute discretion to throttle the speed of any subsequent Internet usage or block the Customer's Internet usage.", kalau pengguna dah lebih guna data mobile internet, diorang ada hak untuk slowkan connection atau BLOCK terus penggunaan data.

Maxis pulak, "**Subsequent usage for all Monthly Passes will be charged at RM0.30/MB" takde BLOCK-BLOCK, cuma terus charge je 30 sen untuk setiap 1 megabyte.

U-mobile pulak "There will not be any additional charges. You will still be able to use more data at no charge; however, the surf speed will be reduced." Takde block atau tambahan charge untuk lebihan guna data, cuma slowdown connection speed je.

Yes pulak "If Your usage exceeds the Data Capacity Allocation, We will manage the bandwidth for Your Service. In the case of Postpaid Service, You will still be able to access the Internet but at a reduced bandwidth speed. In the case of Prepaid Service, You will be barred from accessing the Internet", untuk pengguna pascabayar, tidak akan diblock penggunaan, cuma dislowkan kelajuan TETAPI untuk pengguna prabayar, penggunaan data terus akan diBLOCK.

So... pada firasat aku, Maxis adalah lagi nokharom dalam hal ini, after that baru la Celcom. All Capitalist are bastards!

Update [2-Oct-2012] - Celcom deferred blocking initiative until further notice. HAHAHAHAHA!