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BPL: LFC & MUFC jadual berkait?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Why ah... aku noticed that banyak game fixtures dalam BPL 2011/2012, yang this gameweek lawan Liverpool FC and then the next gameweek pulak terus lawan Manchester United? 7 kali jadi camni

Arsenal FC
20 Aug 2011 vs LFC
28 Aug 2011 vs MUFC

Bolton Wanderers
27 Aug 2011 vs LFC
10 Sep 2011 vs MUFC

Swansea City AFC
05 Nov 2011 vs LFC
19 Nov 2011 vs MUFC

Queens Park Rangers
10 Dec 2011 vs LFC
18 Dec 2011 vs MUFC

Wigan Athletic
21 Dec 2011 vs LFC
26 Dec 2011 vs MUFC

Blackburn Rovers
26 Dec 2011 vs LFC
31 Dec 2011 vs MUFC

Newcastle United
30 Dec 2011 vs LFC
04 Jan 2012 vs MUFC

And kenapa bila lepas Man Utd lawan, LFC lak yang lawan team tu pulak the next gameweek hanya terjadi dua kali sahaje?

Bolton Wanderers

14 Jan 2012 vs MUFC
21 Jan 2012 vs LFC

Swansea City AFC
05 May 2012 vs MUFC
13 May 2012 vs LFC

Apekah sekadar suratan atau kebetulan?