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Google Latitude: locate your loved ones!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

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Sometimes, it is dangerous or impossible to call or SMS someone just to ask kat mana diorang berada. Sebagai contoh, to answer my wife's call while I'm on my way back home on my bike. Lately, bila hujan menjadi sangat lebat aku terpaksa berhenti untuk berteduh sekejap tapi tak dapat nak inform wife aku disebabkan; tangan basah la, henset dalam beg la, tempias takut kene henset la and what ever reason that might be.

So, aku install on both of my Android HTC Desire & my wife's Nokia N97 mini, Google Maps with Latitude. With Latitude, kita boleh share our current location with people that we wanted to.

But, if you are freaking worried about your privacy just turn off Latitude or hide your location.
Even better, you could adjust your 'Sharing options' specifically by each friend to best available location, city level location or hide your location from them.