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Facebook has change how it's News Feed works, again ...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Kitorang guna apps NetworkedBlogs untuk automatically post our new blog post to our Facebook walls & Onedot12 page. Sekarang pon the application still working untuk auto post kat our walls, tapi masalahnya those post on our walls dah tak masuk into ALL of our friends News Feed macam biasa.

Before NetworkedBlogs, we have to manually post our blog posts to our Facebook wall with the status update share links. So tak berapa efisien lah. With NB it makes reaching our friends with our blog posts is easy, until recently.

Menurut satu thread ni kat NetworkedBlogs Support, ia disebabkan oleh algorithm Facebook yang dipanggil EdgeRank, di mana algorithm ini menentukan setiap user Facebook lebih mahukan/lihat yang user tu suka (how they know for sure???). It has been articles written all around the net duk cakap pasal ni, how it affects your visibility. Here and here.

So now, there's still NO SOLUTION for NetworkedBlogs users on Facebook. Kena post manual macam zaman batu, ok?

P/S: It's our 200th blog post! yeay!