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HSBC & their Flexi Payment Plan

Sunday, October 24, 2010

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This kind of flexi payment plan for credit cards is great (sebab low interest!) tapi masalahnye...
kena la bace term & conditions carefully. Aku plak hari tuh, time call HSBC, amoi tuh tak bitau lak aku pasal item no 9 dalam T&C nih, cuma part 3% for 10 months installment and 5% for 20 months. Item no 9. dalam T&C diorang nih menyatakan bahawa;
9. All application SMS must be sent to HSBC/HSBC Amanah during the Offer Period from 3 days after the purchase and 7 days before the next statement date.
Maka..ape yang dah terjadi kat aku adelah, aku dah swipe beli barang dalam tempoh masa 7 hari sebelum next statement date, so aku takleh convert la belian itu jadik flexi payment. Moral of the story, don't get too excited cepat² and please bace T&C carefully dan plan lah bila tarikh nak beli, sbb bukan setiap hari beli yg bleh utk convert, cuma 20 hari je dalam sebulan (sbb 3+7 hari dah kena tolak kat item no 9. tuh).

Sekian ;D