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Anno 2070: Stuck with "Find Thor Strindberg"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

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The last time aku main game Anno series ni was in 1999, Anno 1602: Creation of a New World. Anno series game ni adalah game strategi dan pembinaan bandar. Berbeza dari SimCity atau Red Alert, game ini lebih ke arah developing cities, do business trades with other cities, and then if you have to, go to WAR!!!
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Anno 2070 adalah game terbaru series ini dan aku dah mula bermain dalam 2 bulan lebih and now stuck at 3rd chapter: In the Eye of the Storm, Mission 2. Task yang aku sangkut tu adalah dalam quest: Picture Puzzle - The Saboteur. task Find: 1 Thor Strindberg. Seminggu lebih jugak aku stuck kat sini, merata aku cari and try buat, develop these and thats, rupa-rupanya kena zoom close up into the city then cari INDIVIDU itu.
 Tuh dia! The man with yellowish glow is Thor Strindberg!
Damn! Berhari nak boleh jumpe! haha