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apa makna semua ini?!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Ringgit hits new level since Asian financial crisis
PETALING JAYA: The ringgit closed below 3 to the greenback yesterday, breaking a psychological barrier and hitting a level not seen since the dark days of the Asian financial crisis.
The local currency settled at 2.992 to the US dollar, gaining 2.34% since the beginning of the year and charting another multi-year high.
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Apa makna semua ni ??!!!

Apa makna semua ni kalau harga barang2 makin lama makin naik? Adakah such news only untuk menyedapkan hati kita je ke? Nak beli gula-gula Hacks pon sekarang dah tak boleh 10 sen 2 biji, now dah 20 sen 3 biji or 10 sen 1 biji. Apa tah lagi barang2 lain. Pada aku la, Ringgit bukan makin mengukuh, tapi US Dollar yang nilai dia makin jatuh. Yang paling aku tak puas hati, tetiap kali dalam news, asyik compare duit kita dengan USD, why tak highlight our Ringgit against Pound Sterling, Euro, Swiss Franc?
US Dollar against Ringgit

GB Pound against Ringgit

Euro against Ringgit

Swiss Franc against Ringgit

Australian Dollar against Ringgit

Still nak cakap Ringgit makin mengukuh? Ya, mengukuh against US Dollar, tapi TIDAK against GB Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc mahu pun Australian Dollar. So TV3 and theStar, please la stop making "Ringgit makin mengukuh" as your headlines, sebab it has NO MEANING (I mean, no meaning at all!) for me the rakyat!