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waterfall trips

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Dah lama aku tak gi waterfall. Rindu plak nak mandi air yang sejuk.. tetiba plak aku boleh nak teringat pasal air terjun nih. Tahun lepas ade la dalam 4 waterfall/sungai aku sempat pergi; Chemerong kat Hulu Dungun, Terengganu, Ulu Tampit kat Janda Baik, Pahang, Chamang kat Bentong, Pahang dan Sungai Congkak, Selangor. Aku ade tulis about that kat blog on August 2nd, 2009.



It's been a while since my last post. Yeah, almost 4 months. I guess no football then no post heh :P
For the last 2 months, I've been to several waterfall/water features in various states. June 13th, 2009
was the first waterfall visit after 8 years, was the Chemerong waterfall located in Hulu Dungun, Terengganu. It was about an hour drive from my mom's house. 6 of us (me, Angah and 4 cousins - Rahaiffi, Nizam, Ariff & Khairu) really did enjoy the trip!
Two weeks later, me, Zul, Angah, Along & hubby went to Sungai Congkak. Sadly, it was raining upon our arrival. So terpaksa mandi dalam hujan. Not much photo could be taken due to this.
A week later, the hunt for waterfall continues. This time the 4 of us (me, Am, Zul & Lynn) went to Janda Baik. It is the Ulu Tampit waterfall. Had to do about 45 minutes of jungle tracking to reach it. Pak Lang was our guide. Need his number? Here it goes. +60142906301
3 weeks after Ulu Tampit, me, Azli, Zul & Lynn went to Bentong for a dusun trip, joining Azli's group for a durian feast (I don't eat durians). I joined for the sake of the waterfall. Chamang waterfall was great but the current was a bit strong.
Among of these 4 places, I would say Chemerong was the best, followed by the Ulu Tampit, then the Chamang and Sungai Congkak is in the last place.


Yang, nanti one day kite gi air terjun lak k? ;D