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one week after...

Friday, May 7, 2010

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Alhamdulillah, it has been a week for us to become husband & wife. Ms. Fiance dah bertukar kepada Mrs. Wife. ;D

last Friday, akad nikah ceremony berjalan dengan lancar. With twice practice with the tok kadi, aku managed to jawab qabul dengan sekali lafaz je after her dad lafazkan ijab. hehe.. gelojoh eh? tak la.. COMMITTED!

Our new home kat Puchong Permai dah start kemas, with barang2 dah start beli. So far everything went well. Cuma honeymoon & kenduri belah aku je belom lagi. Honeymoon bile? hurm... tak lama lagi kot.. kenduri belah aku will be held on May 29th. So after that dah settle semua hal kenduri kendara and we could continue focusing on our life as a married couple.

Thanx for the wishes, really appreciated it. Doakan yang terbaik for the both of us. Ameeen....