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umah ooh umah ...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

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agak² dah dekat sebulan pencarian umah/area umah utk kitorang duk nanti. so far, belom ade lagi hasil tapi dah ade few yang dah been shortlisted & harap² hal umah ni bleh soon to be settled. anywho might have some ideas on suitable neighbourhood to live in? somewhere in between Shah Alam & Wangsa Maju would be nice ;D.

Cam umah skrg, aku dah really tak larat utk tolak kereta² yang double park depan keta aku di pagi hari tatkala time aku nak gi kerja, so klu bleh tamau dah area yang ade such issue.

We are seeking for a guarded apartment yang klu bleh within our budgets, and yet the deposit 1+1 ke... would be nice! agak susah lately nak jumpe yg deposit 1+1 nih, kecik sket modal utk masuk umah baru rite? byk lagi benda² dalam umah yang nak dibeli, so klu dapat deposit yang camtu realy really helps.. the hunt for our FIRST HOME continues. Hope we could find it before May First ;D